ENGL 105: PIT Conference Proposals

Welcome, students of Lindsay Ragle-Miller, Matt Duncan, Jo Klevdal, and Erica Sabelawski! Before we get to how to submit, here's a quick reminder of what your proposal can include:

The conference proposal differs from your other assignments in this unit in one key way: audience. While the other feeders serve to help you progress in your research progress, the proposal is written directly to the selection committee, selling them on the importance of your project. Your proposal should be between 100-500 words and include: 

  1. A title 
  2. An overview of your project (What will your presentation cover?)
  3. Other perspectives of your topic (What is the conversation that you’re entering? How does your project differ from other work in this area?)
  4. Scope and methodology (Can your topic be covered in a 5-10-minute presentation?)
  5. Additional information (What kind of technical support will you need to complete your powerpoint or poster? (if any?))

When your proposal is ready for submission, please follow these steps:

Create an account. You will need to set up an account on this submission site. Once you fill out the account form, you should receive an e-mail with login information. (Check your spam folder if you have trouble finding the e-mail.) Follow this link to create a new account. If you have further trouble, please contact ersa@live.unc.edu.

Log in. Once you have your account set up, you must log in to submit any materials.

Submit your project. Once logged in use the Project Submission link. You can upload a PDF or Word document.