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"Works in Progress" Conference Schedule

View the "Works in Progress" Conference Schedule (updated 3/24)!

Become a Carolina Research Scholar

The Carolina Research Scholar Program (CRSP) is administered by UNC's Office for Undergraduate Research. Specially designated PIT research-exposure sections of English 105 can fulfill one of three requirements necessary to receive the CRSP designation on your official academic transcript. Additionally, students who are competitively selected to present their research at our annual undergraduate research "Works in Progress" conference may fulfill a second CRSP requrement.

What is Peersourcing?

Peersourcing is an innovative and experimental approach to undergraduate scholarship designed to provide students with a more authentic rhetorical situation for their research and writing. This goal is accomplished in two primary ways: first, students write for an authentic public audience and second, students engage in peer review in a way that resembles the practices of professional scholars.

How does peersourcing work?

PIT Courses

Students enrolled in specially designated research-exposure sections linked to PIT will conduct original research as work in progress. Students will become familiar with research methods commonly used in a variety of academic majors and will practice using selected methods appropriate for their chosen field of study.

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