PIT Courses

Students enrolled in specially designated research-exposure sections linked to PIT will conduct original research as work in progress. Students will become familiar with research methods commonly used in a variety of academic majors and will practice using selected methods appropriate for their chosen field of study.

Students enrolled in the sections listed below will share their in-progress research with a network of students from other classes designated as research-exposure composition. Students will write a conference proposal, prepare a conference presentation, and write up the results of their research as an article manuscript or multi-media project. Instruction in these sections will focus on introducing students to these research genres and guiding them through the academic publishing process by submitting to the PIT "Works in Progress" Conference and the PIT Journal.

Spring 2013 PIT research exposure sections:


Adam Engel

MW 2-3:15

Phillips 228

Section #080

Laurel Foote-Hudson

MW 2-3:15

Greenlaw 103

Section #046

Ashley Guy

MW 2-3:15

Phillips 328

Section #055

Adam Harris

MWF 12-12:50

Wilson 139

Section #020

Hilary Lithgow

TR 3:30-4:45

Greenlaw 319

Section #021

Adam McCune

MWF 12-12:50

Greenlaw 316

Section #061

April Munroe

TR 11-12:15

Greenlaw 103

Section #083

Doreen Thierauf

TR 9:30-10:45

Wilson 139

Section #074

Katie Walker

MW F8-8:50

Greenlaw 317

Section #001

Advantages of taking a specially designated PIT course include:

  • practical hands-on introduction to conducing original research,
  • guidance using research methods effectively and in ways appropriate to your chosen academic discipline,
  • practice writing in research genres customary to your chosen academic discipline,
  • an opportunity to submit a conference proposal to share your research-in-progress
  • an opportunity to submit your research to an undergraduate journal

View a sample course schedule for fall 2012.

For more information about PIT sections of English 105 email Doreen Thierauf, the PIT Teaching Coordinator, at thierauf@unc.edu