Seeing Black and White


Seeing Black and White

Emily Webb
Published by the PIT Journal: 


In order to understand economic and educational disparities based on race in the United States, we must understand America’s history of housing discrimination. A history of racist policies has led to many African-Americans being confined to poor urban areas, effectively marginalizing the black community. While there was a time after World War II, known as the Golden Era, when integration could have allowed both black and white Americans to live in affluent neighborhoods with equal educational opportunities, patterns of discrimination made it so African-Americans couldn’t find housing in good areas. Racist “blockbusting” made it so having African-Americans as neighbors was viewed as undesirable by many white homeowners. This video essay will look at how black Americans have been kept from affordable housing in the past and what can be done to improve the situation in the future.



Housing from SITES on Vimeo.

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