Social Science


The Effects of Charlotte, NC’s Mural on the Community and the BLM Movement

Hannah Moore

Art expresses ideas that are sometimes too complex to set into words. Murals are one form of art that activists often use to evoke emotion, promote a cause, and bring awareness to social issues.


Remote Campus Operations Pose Threat to Student Survivor Rights

Madeline Gibson

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us into these unprecedented times, The U.S. Department of Education under the Trump Administration has rolled back the rights of student survivors of gender-based harassment.


Witch Perspectives: Burning down the Old Standards

Ellie Baker

When it comes to witch iconography, most people will agree that this figure is inherited from European superstition during the early modern period.


Examining the Justifiability of Affirmative Action Policies for Blacks in Higher Education

Cheyenne Desrosiers

Affirmative action policies have been highly controversial for decades due to their focus on race-conscious admissions.


LSD and The Hippies: A Focused Analysis of Criminalization and Persecution In The Sixties

Miranda DiPaolo

Of all the counter-culture behaviors in the nineteen-sixties, the use of acid was one of the most stigmatized. This article argues that the criminalization of LSD in the sixties was a direct effort to marginalize hippies.


Tainted or Transcendent: The Political Recruitment of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Emma Schubart

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is one of the most enduring and revered musical works of all time, and it has been appropriated by a multitude of political movements over the years.


The Black Dahlia: The 1947 Murder of Elizabeth Short

Morgan Korzik

The Black Dahlia is one of the most infamous unsolved murders in U.S. history, and has been memorialized in many books, films, documentaries and video games.


Seeing Black and White

Emily Webb

In order to understand economic and educational disparities based on race in the United States, we must understand America’s history of housing discrimination.


The Impact of Centralized EU Refugee Policy on Greece’s Management of Asylum-Seekers

Stefano Jacobson

Blaming Europe’s centralized refugee policy system ultimately proves reductive as it ignores the centrality of this policy system to the refugee rights secured thus far and to the solutions to protecting more refugee lives in future.


"Deliberate Indifference:" Protecting the Rights of Transgender Prisoners

Adrienne Bonar

Although gender is beginning to be viewed as a social construct, the United States’ preoccupation with a binary system of gender classification continues to exacerbate the flaws within the U.S. Department of Corrections (DOC).


Dancing and Cerebral Health

Noah Crees

My paper discusses how the human body can treat itself from disease and other risks through dancing. This information is vital as the baby boom generation enters an age associated with heightened risk of dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.


Deep Pockets and Deep Problems: An Examination of how Campaign Finance Reform Could Transform American Politics and Create a Better Government

Robert Anderson

As election season comes into full swing and candidates try desperately to muster as much support as possible, many Americans desire campaign finance reform. Many people are growing disturbed by the amount of money that goes into creating and operating a political campaign.