Panel 2


Panel 2

Panel 2: Investments and Economics, Presentations and Q&A, Room 3205

Ezekiel Barton, "Banks, Sweat, Tragedy and Tears : The Continued Impact of the Great Recession"

My presentation will cover the long run financial impact that the Great Recession had on middle to lower income households in the United States. The specific factors that I will be analyzing in demonstrating the Great Recessions continued impact post-2010 will mainly be employment, homeownership, and consumption while still paying to other financial data such as income growth and retirement fund totals. This presentation will also look at United States policy responses to the Great Recession as a means of analyzing how the government impacted the finances of middle to lower income households. The majority of studies related to the Great Recession take a macroeconomic approach, looking at the entire economy and mainly constraining themselves to a timeframe of 2007-2010 when the Recession was in full force. My presentation will shed light on a narrower section of the economy (the finances of the middle and lower classes) and analyze the Recession’s continued impact after its supposed end in 2010.

Ezekiel Barton is a first-year Economics and History major from Kernersville, North Carolina. He has a passion for choir and sports and can be found pursuing these interests in his free time. After graduation, he aspires to help disadvantaged communities by advocating for structural change in the public sector.

Francisco Palacios, "The Biases of the CPI Index: How to Improve Social and Governmental Prejudices"

Alec Mierzejewski, "Mini Options, Mega Benefits"

Colleen Dongarra, "The Quick Rise and Ungraceful Fall of Ultra-processed Foods"