Panel 5


Panel 5

Panel 5: Scientific Interventions, Poster Presentations and Q&A, Room 3205

Morgan Mac, "Effects of the Pandemic on Dry Eye Disease"

Dry Eye Disease (DED) is a condition that is characterized by a dry or irritated feeling in the eyes that is caused by your eyes producing unproductive or a small amount of tears. This condition was one of many in the healthcare industry that was affected by the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic over the last couple of years. Wearing masks became a regular practice and during quarantine periods, people were subject to an increase in screen times. Both of these occurrences have been linked to increasing the rate at which the tears in a person’s eyes evaporate, leading to increased cases of DED and a worsening of symptoms in people already diagnosed with the condition. DED is commonly thought to mainly affect older demographics of the population, with your risk for developing it increasing with age. Previous research regarding the link between the pandemic and DED has mainly centered on older people and their existing risk factors. Instead, this project will examine the prevalence and severity of DED in young adults during the pandemic, specifically focusing on mask usage and increased screen time. This project uses information about how masks and increased screen time are risk factors for DED. These are all peer-reviewed papers that have been written and examined by fellow ophthalmologists. This project also contains a survey of students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill regarding their experiences with dry eye during the pandemic.

Anna Pederson, "Spatial Variation’s Effect on Maternal Mortality Rates in Appalachian Regions"

Maternal-fetal medicine encompasses treatment for every step of a pregnancy and aims to provide information about both the mothers and the infants as well as educate the populace on maternal-fetal medicine. Maternal health is important in identifying and targeting health risks in women and preventing health problems for both the mother and the child. Maternal mortality rates are exponentially higher in the Appalachian regions of the United States. While the U.S. has generally decreased in maternal mortality rates over the last decade, the Appalachian regions’ maternal mortality rates have persisted. I will cross-examine peer-reviewed articles and studies that explore health care access in Appalachian regions as well as maternal morbidity and pregnancy complications. I will also be looking at maternal and fetal mortality rates and cross-referencing that data with population density, education levels, and nearest hospitals or health care providers. Examining all this data along with the mortality rates can present other variables and explanations for the data. Looking at raw data will allow for analysis without other influences as well as being able to find correlations between the data that proves to be statistically significant. I will look at a few states in particular, including Kentucky and North Carolina, while also acknowledging Appalachia as a whole.

Cole Seifert, "Preempting the Antibiotic Resistance Crisis in Low to Middle Income Countries Through Targeted Regulation of Animal Agriculture"

Nitin Dodla, "Potential of Stem Cell-Based Cancer Therapy"

Stem Cell-Based Cancer Therapy has proven to be an effective method compared to the traditional cancer therapies. Traditional methods of cancer therapy have been somewhat lacking. For example, chemotherapy, one of the most effective cancer treatments, is much like choosing between the quantity of life rather than quality. Stem cell research has shown promise to tackle cancer effectively and help patients lead a quality lifestyle without degrading their health. Stem cell-based cancer methods are the future of cancer therapy, and one such example is the nanoparticle carrier method. The nanoparticle Carrier method (NPC) has proven to be a primary anti-cancer treatment method with many benefits through stem cells as the primary delivery agent. Stem cell can be used as delivery vehicles for nanoparticle drugs to target specific malignant sites. This method has shown much promise, but there are implications which need to be addressed before clinical trials can take place. Other methods include Enzyme/Prodrug therapy, Immunotherapy, and Secreted agents.

Nitin Dodla is a first-year student majoring in Biology with an Environmental Studies minor.

Eva Hecht, "A Battle of Work and Sleep: A Pandemic Phenomenon"

Sleep deprivation in college students is exacerbated by post remote learning task loads. My project will demonstrate the condition of sleep deprivation in the lives of local college students who experienced the life change from the pre and post remote learning phenomenon due to COVID-19. It is important to note that our time after remote learning is now much more constrained, making many issues such as stress, caused by sleep deprivation worse. This phenomenon impacts my generation daily, decreasing our work ethic due to an inadequate rest period at night resulting from workload. I conducted a series of interviews, gaining relatable insight into personal experiences of a pressing issue that will get worse in the foreseeable future. The pandemic changed learning tendencies and sleep, a vital function for healthy growth physically and mentally which results in the need for intervention through open conversation.

Eva Grace Hecht is a first year here at UNC from Greensboro, NC studying Exercise and Sports Science.