The Black Dahlia: The 1947 Murder of Elizabeth Short


The Black Dahlia: The 1947 Murder of Elizabeth Short

Morgan Korzik
Published by the PIT Journal: 


The Black Dahlia is one of the most infamous unsolved murders in U.S. history, and has been memorialized in many books, films, documentaries and video games. The purpose of this website is to educate readers on the background of the case, details of the investigation, and identity of the eleven most likely suspects. It then addresses theories surrounding the mystery, and points to the most likely explanation for the crime. To do this, the website looks at FBI and LAPD records, as well as newspaper reports, books, and amateur true crime websites. Ultimately it shows why the likely killer was either Ed Burns, Leslie Dillon, or George Hodel.













About the Author(s)

Morgan Korzik is a sophomore biology B.S. major and chemistry minor. He lived in Apex, NC before moving to attend UNC-Chapel Hill. He is now developing a career in forensic biology because he wants to help prosecute criminals and prevent innocent people from being wrongly charged with crimes.