Cycle 9, 2018


Witch Perspectives: Burning down the Old Standards

Ellie Baker

When it comes to witch iconography, most people will agree that this figure is inherited from European superstition during the early modern period.


Confronting the Coral Conundrum

Drew McRacken

Coral reefs are the foundation upon which the rest of the oceanic ecosystem sits upon. This vibrant and dynamic organism provides shelter and food for countless organisms, while also acting as a direct indicator of marine health.


Examining the Justifiability of Affirmative Action Policies for Blacks in Higher Education

Cheyenne Desrosiers

Affirmative action policies have been highly controversial for decades due to their focus on race-conscious admissions.


Pharmacogenomics: A Review of its Objectives, Successes, and Limitations

Hannah Shaw

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how a person’s genes affects their body’s response to drugs. While current medical drug therapies tend to treat all patients as if they were the same, differences in one’s genome can determine whether a treatment will be effective, ineffective, or even harmful.


LSD and The Hippies: A Focused Analysis of Criminalization and Persecution In The Sixties

Miranda DiPaolo

Of all the counter-culture behaviors in the nineteen-sixties, the use of acid was one of the most stigmatized. This article argues that the criminalization of LSD in the sixties was a direct effort to marginalize hippies.


Tainted or Transcendent: The Political Recruitment of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Emma Schubart

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is one of the most enduring and revered musical works of all time, and it has been appropriated by a multitude of political movements over the years.


Food Waste in Schools: America’s Latest Epidemic and the Simple Solutions to Solving It

Hanna Wondmagegn

Food waste has become a national and global epidemic and with increased proposals, ideas and initiatives presented by different actors on the local and national level, there seems to be no solution in sight.


Building an Expert: The Deliberate Practice Debate in Music Performance

Ryan Wilcox

This paper examines the debate concerning deliberate practice’s value in improving musical performance.


Arts Integration: Implementing a Critical Yet Devalued Core Subject into US Public Schools

Sally Sasz

Despite the devalued status of visual arts programs in publics schools across the US, when it comes to the topic of the visual arts in education, it is widely understood that the visual arts are a vital contributor to students’ creative development and overall success.