Special Issue: ER Observations, 2019


Creating a Secure, Safe Environment in Psychiatric Emergency Services

In this foreword to observation articles by Arendas, Barbour, Burri, and Wheless, Eliza Athans writes about the efforts that go into creating positive psychiatric enviornments and making psychiatric services feel safe.


Calm and Chaos in UNC-Chapel Hill’s Emergency Medicine Department

Veronica B. Chandler

Veronica Chandler's observation article emphasizes the contrast between the hectic emergencies in an emergency department and the moments of relative peace.


Into the Night with a UNC-CH Emergency Department

Caleb L. Willis

Caleb Willis writes about the Emergency Department at UNC Chapel Hill as it transitions into the night shift and deals with a variety of patients.


An Evening in the UNC Pediatric Emergency Department

Reilly Roberts

This observation article by Reilly Roberts offers a glimpse into the lives of UNC Pediatric Emergency Department doctors as they care for troubled patients, from a suicidal girl to a child who has swallowed a nail.


A Transient Timetable of a Pediatric Emergency Room Night Shift

Laura M. Piekarski

This article, written after Laura Piekarski shadowed the UNC Pediatric Emergency Room, shows how the pain of young patients can weigh on doctors and nurses.


The Painful Realities of Four Hours Spent in the UNC-CH Emergency Department

Ariana D. Luterman

Ariana Luterman writes about the daily routine of people working in UNC Chapel Hill's emergency department, focusing on how they are able to find normalcy in inherently painful work.


The Entropy of Emergency

Zaria Joyner

Zaria Joyner writes about her chaotic shadowing experience in the UNC Emergency Department, touching on everything from the opiod crisis to life-or-death resuscitations.


Cuts, Scrapes, and Anxious Parents: A Tuesday Night in the UNC Pediatric Emergency Department

Sara C. Holmes

Sara Holmes writes about patients with urgent injuries, focusing on hurt children and the parents who bring them in.


Colorful Walls and Faces: A Night Spent in the Pediatric Emergency Department

Elizabeth Campbell

In this observation article, Elizabeth Campbell highlights the human connections that form between doctors and patients in the Pediatric Emergency Department.


Isolation at Will: Five Hours in Emergency Psychiatry

Graham Burri

Graham Burri writes about his shadowing experience in UNC's Psychiatric Ward. He profiles two individuals who are making extended stays in the ward, highlighting the benefits that come from their treatment.


White Cloud Over the UNC Main Emergency Department

Michelle Zheng

Michelle Zheng runs through a standard four hour graveyard shift at the UNC E.D. She focuses on the relationship between the nurses in the Department, offering insight into how they pass the time and keep entertained.


Four Hours in “Purgatory” at the UNC Hospital Psychiatric Unit

Elizabeth Wheless

Elizabeth Wheless describes her shadowing experience in UNC Hospital's Psychiatric Unit. She focuses on how people going through the hardest times in their lives, dealing with things like autism and depression, are still able to hold onto their humanity and make the best of their situations.