About PIT


About PIT

The People, Ideas, and Things (PIT) Journal helps students learn about, create, and publish undergraduate research.

Publishing biannually, The PIT Journal seeks to provide an opportunity for undergraduates to explore and engage in scholarly discourse, share their original research, and gain valuable experience collaborating in peer review.

Peer Review & Expectations

The creators of The PIT Journal sought to combine Jeff Howe’s concept of crowdsourcing with traditional peer review, resulting in peersourcing. Peersourcing is an open peer review process in which all writers act as peer reviewers by commenting on and rating submissions online. Using open source software, The PIT Journal website connects users with social tools in an academic setting.

In order for this innovative process to work, a multidisciplinary group of students and editors act as peersourcers. Students also act as reviewers, helping peers situate their ideas within scholarly disciplines and develop their research methodologies. Students do not have to submit a project in order to participate in The PIT Journal. We invite any student interested in the scholarship undergraduates are producing to read, rate, and review submissions.

Taking a PIT Journal Class

The People, Ideas, and Things (PIT) Journal acts as a platform for several courses taught at UNC each semester. A dedicated group of instructors and editors design these courses around The PIT Journal submission process. Students first submit ideas for original research. Using the online submission tools, all students peersource (read, rate, and review) other students’ work. Students respond to comments on their work, building and shaping their ideas as they create first a conference proposal, then a final project.

Submitting Independently

The PIT Journal accepts both conference proposals and articles from any undergraduate currently enrolled at UNC. We encourage students in research-oriented courses to submit their ideas for class assignments for peer review during the active submission process. Students who use The PIT Journal platform to get feedback on their ideas may also be interested in submitting full projects for publication. These students will benefit from the feedback of other students and editors, whether they are seeking a better grade on an assignment or a publication.

We also encourage Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURFs) to submit their projects to The PIT Journal. These students create original research during the summer months with the support of the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) and under the direct guidance of a faculty member, and as such, are particularly suited to engaging in peer review and publication.