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Submit to PIT

The People, Ideas, and Things Journal would like to invite rolling submissions under the banner “Changing Tides” for our next issue.  

In our discussions on creating a theme for this rolling special issue, we kept returning to the overwhelming sense of difference that has accompanied us in the return to our in-person pre-pandemic lives. “Changing Tides” is meant to emphasize the paradox of that ambiguous, same-but-different feeling by ruminating on the change intrinsic to tidal ebb and flow, an essential part of the immutable oceanic process. Therefore, we envision “Changing Tides” as a broad vector through which you can explore a variety of topics that feel most pertinent to you right now as you consider how the last several years of political upheaval, fights for social justice and equality, and technological and medical advancement have impacted your individual awareness within a larger cultural and global reality.  

We look forward to pieces contextualized by the experiences of the past several years and all that entails both negatively and positively; we’re aware that so many stories from this time have focused on what we can and should do better. In that vein, we want this space to think not only of the narratives of shortcomings that the archive of our recent past organically produce, but of the good—spaces where the last several years have demonstrated a true success in propagating an improved reality.   

We invite submissions included, but not limited to, the following:  

  • Technology 
  • Health and medicine  
  • Environmental studies 
  • Law 
  • Business 
  • Natural sciences 
  • Social sciences 
  • Humanities 

For the “Changing Tides” issues, we are accepting a variety of submission modalities. Traditionally, we welcome research-based articles from 2,500-5,000 words, podcasts between 5-15 minutes, video essays of 10-20 minutes, and critical essays from 2,000-5,000 words. However, we recognize the abundance of options through which you can express your opinions and insights; submitters can contact with any questions related to submission formats. We are eager to receive work produced in first-year writing courses. We will also accept submissions from any undergraduate enrolled at UNC-Chapel Hill. We are actively collecting submissions for publication in our next issue. You can find the submission portal HERE.

We seek two types of submissions: 

  1. Individual submissions produced by any undergraduate at UNC-Chapel Hill. We are interested in submissions that represent research and scholarship developed by students across campus. If you have a project that you have developed in a course during your time at Carolina or a piece related to your research, please consider submitting.
  2. Submissions by instructors developed as part of a class. We are also eager to coordinate with instructors teaching courses where students develop scholarship. Instructors can submit an entire collection of course-related student projects or submit a smaller number of projects. To participate instructors should coordinate further by contacting Daniel Anderson ( and Erica Sabelawski (