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Submit to PIT

Currently, we are seeking submissions for two publication opportunities: 1) our special issue on Writing for Social Transformation; and 2) a new effort to publish and promote podcasts.

2. Special Issue: Writing for Social Transformation

The PIT Journal is looking for undergraduate scholarship that speaks to issues of social justice and diversity. We seek research-based, article-length pieces and other non-fiction submissions. For this special issue, we are hoping to include several genres and formats, including research reports, audio essays, and creative non-fiction--to name a few possibilities. We are especially interested in projects that have been developed as part of writing and research activities at UNC-CH. Possible topics of interest include:

  • The ways we define social justice

  • Social justice and normative practices and systemic inequities

  • Recent protest movements and their relationship with social justice

  • Social justice and diversity in the classroom and in education

  • Histories of social movements and inequality

  • Class, wealth, and economic aspects of social justice

  • Other topics that speak to social justice and diversity

For our special issue, we are accepting a variety of submissions. Research-based articles typically range from 2,500-5,000 words. For other genres, lengths and format can vary. Submitters can contact with any questions related to submission formats. We are eager to receive work produced in first-year writing courses. We will also accept submissions from any undergraduate enrolled at UNC-Chapel Hill. We will be collecting submissions until May 24th, 2021 for publication in the fall of 2021.

We seek two types of submissions:

  1. Individual submissions produced by any undergraduate at UNC-Chapel Hill. We are interested in submissions that represent research and scholarship developed by students across campus. If you have a project that you have developed in a course during your time at Carolina or a piece related to your research, please consider submitting.

  2. Submissions by instructors developed as part of a class. We are also eager to coordinate with instructors teaching courses where students develop scholarship. Instructors can submit an entire collection of course-related student projects or submit a smaller number of projects. To participate instructors should coordinate further by contacting Daniel Anderson (

May 24th deadline

2. Inaugural Issue: Pitcasts

The People, Ideas, and Things Journal is looking to publish audio projects developed by undergraduates. We seek podcasts covering any topic. Although the term podcast covers a range of forms, these projects are likely to provide research-based information or discussion aimed at a general audience. We seek audio pieces with solid production quality and strong research. We are also interested in projects that make full use of the medium and might include multiple clips, music, sound effects, and other audio elements. To submit a project for consideration, post the podcast to our Pitcast submission site.

Rolling deadline; submit at any time