PODCAST: COVID-19 Impact on Plastic Pollution

Destiny Garcia

When it came to the global shutdowns due to COVID-19, people began to rely on non-reusable plastic to protect themselves from the newest infectious disease – not fully recognizing the detrimental environmental impacts.


PODCAST: COVID-19 and Our Relationship With Wildlife

Haley Van Raay

Covid-19 seemingly appeared out of nowhere, but the truth is that it was likely transmitted to humans by animals that had the disease. Many animals infect others of their species with diseases and animal habitats are constantly being invaded by humans.


The Effects of Charlotte, NC’s Mural on the Community and the BLM Movement

Hannah Moore

Art expresses ideas that are sometimes too complex to set into words. Murals are one form of art that activists often use to evoke emotion, promote a cause, and bring awareness to social issues.


Public Opinion on the Phrase and Organization “Black Lives Matter” Nationally and in North Carolina

Jerome Roy

This paper will explore the change in public opinion of both the phrase “Black Lives Matter” and the organization created from the movement of police reform beginning in 2013 ( As the organization has grown so has its support and opposition. Over the last decade, public opinion on the is


Character Framing in COVID-19 Storybooks: Training the Next Generation of Superheroes

Mary Miller

When considering how certain elements of children’s books affect a child’s reaction to a serious topic, critics often focus on character framing and the author’s choice to feature either a protagonist or antagonist. However, this approach fails to capture the entire story.


A Problematic White Influence on Young Black Minds: Examining "A Boy's Life of Booker T. Washington" by Walter C. Jackson

Rawan Abbasi

This paper examines the problematic nature of Walter C. Jackson’s children’s book, A Boy’s Life of Booker T. Washington (1922), and argues that Jackson wrote the text in an act of performative allyship to instill in Black children that success lies in appeasing white America.


Why We’re Not Happy: Analysis of “Beautiful Now” 

This article analyzes the role of introspection and reflection in happiness in Zedd's "Beautiful Now" music video. 


Minority Underrepresentation in Coronavirus: A Book for Children

The purpose of this study is to evaluate how children’s books portray the experiences of people of color amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


How COVID-19 Effects Sleep in College Students

Hailey Staton

This article explores the decrease in sleep quality during the pandemic and offers strategies to combat sleeplessness. 


Remote Campus Operations Pose Threat to Student Survivor Rights

Madeline Gibson

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us into these unprecedented times, The U.S. Department of Education under the Trump Administration has rolled back the rights of student survivors of gender-based harassment.


How Capitalism is a Driving Force of Climate Change

Lauren Pollock

Global economic growth leads to the increased consumption of natural resources, pollution, and loss of biodiversity and simultaneously widens the income gap between the wealthy and the poor.